The New Bing for Windows 8 Is an Evolution in Search Experience

Very soon Microsoft is going to reveal its Windows 8. Apparently, it would have a significant updates over the Window 7. It will have more user friendly features. Windows 8 will bring more immersive search experiences through Bing. Windows 8 Bing is very fast compared with the previous version and the most appealing aspect is that it is highly visual.

Search results initially appear in a grid format at the center of the page; however, it can be moved to the left column. This column allows you to scroll them vertically while seeing the full page on the right. Yahoo has been trying to do the same thing with its Axis browser. The purpose of this feature is to avoid the back button.

You have been thinking that the sites at the center are previews? Surprisingly not, those are the full websites – meaning that users have the ability to access the side-by-side view of the search results as well as they can maintain corresponding web pages; allowing the users to avoid clicking back button while search.

I found this really very exciting. New Bing also has a number of vertical apps including News, Weather, Maps, Sports, Finance and more. All of these take the advantage of full screen viewing capability and appear to be extremely visual.

The new Bing allows you to share search results through Facebook network. Although I have not had the opportunity to share the Bing for windows seven, I learned about it and can say that this is going to receive positive feedback from the users all around the world.