Search Engines Change the Way We Do Marketing

There was once a time when most of the small to large business owners would consider mass advertising for their marketing campaigns. Mass marketing includes television advertisements, SMS marketing, advertisement on newspaper and billboard and so on. In mass marketing, a business reaches a large number of people, but few of them are potential clients and it’s costly.

Say a car manufacturer is running advertisements on a TV. There are thousands of people watching their advertisement, but actually every one of them can’t afford the money to buy a car. A very few of the people possess the ability and will to buy a car.

Mass marketing is still popular to the large companies, but small to medium business do not always have opportunity to run their advertisements over costly platform.

However, those days are now gone because of the advanced technology like Search Engine and Social Marketing.

Search engine allows you to reach only to the target people, meaning you don’t need to target all the audience. Search engines works in a unique way. Today, about 1/3 of the total population of the world is using internet in their daily lives. They search contents on web by typing keywords.

When someone types a keyword on a search engine, it returns with websites that have been optimized for that certain keyword, and therefore, the user gets what he/she has been looking for. This means if a website optimized for certain keywords, it can reach billions internet users around the world.

In addition, search engines also offer to run advertisement and they have special queries for ad show off. They show the advertisements to people who have looked for relevant contents before. If a user doesn’t click on your link, you don’t have to pay.

Search engines are really great for all types of businesses. The cost is very low and they return a great result. This is why most of the modern businesses are getting online.

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