Google Comes with Faster Image Search

Joshaw : March 18, 2013 9:46 am : Recent

Undoubtedly, Google is a web giant and they know what people love is, update. They perceived people looking for images, most of the time, want to browse through so many images and they also want to look both at the images their metadata, which is the detailed information about the images.

Giant Google has recently redesigned Google images based on the feedback from booth users and webmasters. Google intended to provide a better search experience for all. Now we can see Google displays the results in an inline panel and it’s faster, more beautiful and reliable. Users are now able to flip quickly through a set of images using the keyboard.

There are several benefits for the webmasters:

• Now, Google display detailed information about any image, which is known as metadata, right below the image in the search results. Previously, Google would redirect the user to the separate landing pages.

• This new update features some key information next to the images including domain name, hosting name and the image size.

• The domain name is clickable and a new button has also been added to visit the page whence it is hosted. This means there are now 4 clickable targets to the source page instead of just 2. With the new update, a net increase in the average click-through rate to the hosting website has been noted.

• The source page won’t load behind as the background of the image. It apparently speeds ups the experience for users and reduces the load on the server of the source website. It also improves the accuracy of webmaster metrics such a pageviews.

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Search Engines Change the Way We Do Marketing

Joshaw : February 24, 2013 4:10 pm : Recent

There was once a time when most of the small to large business owners would consider mass advertising for their marketing campaigns. Mass marketing includes television advertisements, SMS marketing, advertisement on newspaper and billboard and so on. In mass marketing, a business reaches a large number of people, but few of them are potential clients and it’s costly.

Say a car manufacturer is running advertisements on a TV. There are thousands of people watching their advertisement, but actually every one of them can’t afford the money to buy a car. A very few of the people possess the ability and will to buy a car.

Mass marketing is still popular to the large companies, but small to medium business do not always have opportunity to run their advertisements over costly platform.

However, those days are now gone because of the advanced technology like Search Engine and Social Marketing.

Search engine allows you to reach only to the target people, meaning you don’t need to target all the audience. Search engines works in a unique way. Today, about 1/3 of the total population of the world is using internet in their daily lives. They search contents on web by typing keywords.

When someone types a keyword on a search engine, it returns with websites that have been optimized for that certain keyword, and therefore, the user gets what he/she has been looking for. This means if a website optimized for certain keywords, it can reach billions internet users around the world.

In addition, search engines also offer to run advertisement and they have special queries for ad show off. They show the advertisements to people who have looked for relevant contents before. If a user doesn’t click on your link, you don’t have to pay.

Search engines are really great for all types of businesses. The cost is very low and they return a great result. This is why most of the modern businesses are getting online.

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New look of YouTube, suffers in search experience

Joshaw : January 7, 2013 3:53 pm : Recent

YouTube has recently launched the new looks for everyone and its impact is negative and hatred rather than positive. Most of the viewers of YouTube are happy as long as they can watch video for free and care a little about the changes and updates of the site. But there are many who like to delve into video statistics and compare and contrast search results, site officials didn’t think a bit about them. They tried to add more channels and make it cleaner but didn’t improved the ability to sort and filter through search results. Actually, search experience of YouTube’s new look is worse than most of the site out there.

The idea of view counts was useless and worthless. Fortunately, YouTube understood this and gave more importance to on time watched rather than view counts. This statistics is very useful when we want to know about recent favorite. Also, the definition of view has been changed and now if only a significant portion of the video is watched then it’s being counted as viewed. And now the view counts have become a significant statistics which represents video’s reputation and engagement.

The old YouTube offered a sort by option in terms of relevance, view count or date when you searched for any video. View count and relevance has been completely vanished in new YouTube. The entire sort by option is completely gone.

When the previous version offered less friendly scope of sort by option newer one should’ve offered flexibility of two or more but they didn’t improve it. Rather multiple filter options have been added and you won’t be able to sort your search results by relevance or view count.

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Whitney Houston, PSY and Sandy: Top Trending Topics of 2012

Joshaw : December 15, 2012 6:22 pm : Recent

It’s time when we say goodbye to old 2012. 2013 is knocking at our door. We have to welcome the upcoming year with new hope and expectation. As for the passing year, we got lots of memory of fun, excitement and tragic in it. In 2012, world’s web searchers attention wavered between important and silly happenings. Huge number of searchers pursuit on latest iPod, iPhone, royal princess or even a record breaking skydiver. In this article we will look on the top three trending topic of this year.

Different search engines have published their search statistics of 2012. World’s most used search engine Google’s year end “zeitgeist” report has been published already and according to the data this year Whitney Houston was at the top of the web search. Every day billions of users meet their quest through Google search and we can have an in-depth look at the spirit of the times as seen through the billions of searches on Google over the past year.

Whitney Houston had accidental drowning in early this year. She was to perform at a pre-Grammy Awards party in February. But she never could make it. Just before the performance she died an accidental death in a bathtub. People all across the world searched for the news about this accidental death. According to Google, it’s the trending topic of this time.

The second spot was accomplished by a music video. Korean rapper PSY made a testament to his self-deprecating giddy-up dance move. It already has approached billions of views on YouTube and everyday more and more users are searching for it.

United States presidential campaign and parts of the East Coast was knocked out by super-storm sandy. It flooded parts of the East Coast and knocked out power. The heavy damage and destroy done by this storm was the third trending topic of this year.

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Introducing: Search Experience Optimization

Joshaw : December 5, 2012 7:43 pm : Recent

There is a new meaning of SEO and that is Search Experience Optimization which is formerly known as Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the method used to drive traffic to a website by various techniques like on-page and off-page optimization. Yes it is quite obvious these days search engines only focused at better user experience. For that purpose they are analyzing loads of data of different user around the world.

I have always been on the side of improving user experience and success will come along the long run. If we simplify search experience optimization in technical words, it will sound something like “it is an overlap between search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization”. And I can assure you that good SE optimizers have focused both on driving traffic and converting it since day one.

The definition of experience is quite tricky. For instance one person’s view of a great experience might be very different from the next person. Therefore it depends on individuals and ultimately search results should come according to that.

In online search engine is the GURU, so you can ask him anything and he’ll give you the answers through which you may discover a new brand or product. Therefore it all depends on how you present yourself in front of search engine.

For improving your positions on search engines you have two ways first one is, focus on search strategy that delivers multiple benefits and creates a memorable user experience. And the second one is, cut corners, play a game that Google will win eventually. In online business, search experience optimization is the one of the main reason why you are building mutually beneficial relationships with others.

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Google: Against All Odds Pioneer in the Web Search

Joshaw : November 30, 2012 2:07 pm : Recent

From the starting period, Google has become the pioneer of the web search engines. With the passage of time the scenario has remained same. Still most of the web sites except few largely depend on Google searches traffic. Also, Google has implemented various strategies to hold the top position. Google’s free operating system Android based smart phones have been welcomed by the users and now account for more than two third of smart phones sold worldwide.

Android based smart phones were launched in 2008, a year after Apple’s iPhone. In the starting, it was slow but later on it took off. Android is now Google’s new profit area for search and mobile advertisement. Google’s been smartly using its free Android software and technology to dominate the search and the output is outstanding.

Some experts have mentioned the strategy as unfair advantages of Google in the new mobile services. Recently Federal Trade Commission has called some cell network operators and handset makers on the issue of replacing, removing, inserting and modifying Google Products and Services.

A Boston company Skyhook filled against Google, for interfering with company’s agreements with handset makers. Skyhook was the pioneer in location based services for mobile devices. They used Wi-Fi hotspots and other sensors to pinpoint a user’s location. Skyhook had agreements with Samsung and Motorola Mobility to give them usage on their technology but the search giant stands against it.

Skyhook lost the case to Google but now they’ve customers like Apple, Samsung giant smart phone makers. Google’s technology and strategy somehow been successful to maintain the top position in search engine clubs and with time they’re developing stronger strategy to dominate the arena. The upside is, whatever other competitors like Bing, Yahoo has said it really doesn’t matter, Google provides you the best web search results.

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New Kindle Line Will Come with Bing as Default Search Engine

Joshaw : September 11, 2012 9:48 pm : Recent

Microsoft in collaboration with Bing and Amazon has taken initiative to get people to use Bing as their default search engine. The latest version of Kindle, Kindle Fire will come with Bing as its default search engine. New Kindle line will feature Bing on its silk web browser. Also there will be option available to users to choose another search engine as default. With this process Microsoft takes another step to bring their search experience to a potentially new group of users.

On a high profile and newly anticipated product like Kindle, Bing will definitely get more users than now. Bing It was launched on a campaign in last week, comes with brand awareness and encouraging attraction for people to use it. Microsoft is expecting to gain more popularity with Bing and making Google an old habit.

To improve users search experience in Bing, recently many inroads have been taken across all platforms. Windows 8 devices will feature a Bing suite for Windows 8 apps which will give unique search experience. Bing’s newly taken mobile search strategy will focus on easily discover, access, get and use information anytime anywhere.

Microsoft and Amazon both are silent on terms of agreement questions. Though, there’s rumor Microsoft paid handful amount to get the default position in Kindle’s web browser. New Kindle line will come with the terms that, Amazon Silk initially select’s the default search engine but Amazon “may change the default search engine in the future without notice” to the user.

Amazon has already reached to people’s kindles. Kindle owners who put George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” in their device Amazon removed them in 2009 and if needed they will interfere on owner’s device again. Who are planning to buy Kindle Fire, how long they can use Bing now that’s the question.

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Twitter has Launched New Personalized Search Option for Better Search Experience

Joshaw : September 3, 2012 5:35 am : Recent

Twitter has recently launched a more personalized search options for its users to find latest and relevant news, images, videos and Tweets. This personalized search option will improve Twitter users search experience. This option is developed based on two major features: relevance-filtering of search results and the identification of relevant images and photos. Developers had to rewrite the Earlybird, Blender and search infrastructure to develop this option.

History begins in 2008, Twitter upgraded its search team from 3 to 15 engineers. They scaled its real time search engine in two orders of magnitude. When the task is completed and new search option is ready to go, developers replaced the old search infrastructure without major service interruptions.

Every second on average over 2,200 new Tweets are done by users. When something big happens this number can increase up to 3,4x. Most of the time users look for Tweets with which others are engaged or memorable Tweets. In new search, users find the results that are most relevant to him. In it, personalized and filtered search results are displayed to particular users.

Twitter have already gave the scope to personalize and choosing interesting accounts to follow and now with the personalize search option the fun increased. Twitter’s ranking function works to access social graph gather relationship between searcher and the author of the Tweet. Even you are a user with few or no account to follow you will still get benefitted from this personalized searching mechanisms.

Twitter’s this new search option gives the scope to search for entities in Tweets like images and videos. The mechanism is real difficult because same image or video can be tweeted many times with different keyword each time. The new search engine look up the images and videos for matching Tweets and and store them in a custom hash map. When users search it sorts the map and returns with best images and video.

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The New Bing for Windows 8 Is an Evolution in Search Experience

Joshaw : August 19, 2012 6:41 pm : Recent

Very soon Microsoft is going to reveal its Windows 8. Apparently, it would have a significant updates over the Window 7. It will have more user friendly features. Windows 8 will bring more immersive search experiences through Bing. Windows 8 Bing is very fast compared with the previous version and the most appealing aspect is that it is highly visual.

Search results initially appear in a grid format at the center of the page; however, it can be moved to the left column. This column allows you to scroll them vertically while seeing the full page on the right. Yahoo has been trying to do the same thing with its Axis browser. The purpose of this feature is to avoid the back button.

You have been thinking that the sites at the center are previews? Surprisingly not, those are the full websites – meaning that users have the ability to access the side-by-side view of the search results as well as they can maintain corresponding web pages; allowing the users to avoid clicking back button while search.

I found this really very exciting. New Bing also has a number of vertical apps including News, Weather, Maps, Sports, Finance and more. All of these take the advantage of full screen viewing capability and appear to be extremely visual.

The new Bing allows you to share search results through Facebook network. Although I have not had the opportunity to share the Bing for windows seven, I learned about it and can say that this is going to receive positive feedback from the users all around the world.

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Protect Your Web Search Privacy

Joshaw : August 15, 2012 5:38 am : Recent

When we search web most of the search engines collect and store search queries records. Maximum time they are harmless but if the information is revealed to others it can be harmful or embarrassing. No one would like to reveal personal medical history, sexual orientation, online reading habit or political affiliation to any stranger. When AOL disclosed their 650,000 users search logs in August 2006, it caused great harm for Thelma Arnold. So, what’s the best way to avoid this type of harassment?

Stay away from searching through your credit card number, name, address, social security number or any other personal information that can expose your identity and lead to your doorstep. If you are really in need of searching through personal information then follow appropriate way to do it.

Your ISP knows who you are and it’s easy for them to link your search logs and your identity. So, never use your ISP’s search engine. If you’re an AOL member avoid AOL searching or AOL’s client software. If you’re a broadband subscriber don’t use If you do it’ll risk revealing your personal identity.

Most of the web search engines give opportunity for personal account and login like Google with Gmail, A9 with Amazon, MSN with Hotmail etc. Do not use search engines when you’re logged in into the corresponding account. If you really have to search and check your webmail same time then use two different browsers to do so. Otherwise your searches will be linked in to your personal account.

If you follow the steps then you’re almost safe to do any web search. However, search engines can still link your searches together through IP addresses and cookies. Websites link all of your activities and visits at the site by putting cookies on your computer. If you use the same computer in different connections or locations still you can be tracked down by cookies. Using different computers can prevent this. You can easily block cookies but to access some websites cookies are necessary. For best, allow session cookies so when you close your browser they won’t last. Also you can clean cookies after you finish your activities.

As last step, vary or hide your IP addresses. You can use proxy servers to hide your original IP address. Many companies provide free or paid IP hiding service. When you do web search keep in mind these things and have a safe web searching experience.

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Improve your Search Experience

Joshaw : July 17, 2012 3:41 pm : Recent

Internet is the marketplace for all information. You can gather information about everything through surfing in it. There are thousands of news sites, blogs, forums and it is humanly impossible to find one’s required information from visiting each and every site. So to get the information searching is the appropriate option. Most of us start with Google; it’s easy to use and updated frequently in the background. Some little tweaks can improve your search experience.

 Work with keyboard rather than mouse is faster and there’s decent amount of shortcut keys available for Google search. Here are some shortcut keys that will help you to navigate through the search results.
 J – Select the next result.
 K – Select the previous result.
 O – Open the selected result.
 – Open the selected result.
 / – Put the cursor in the search box.
 – Removes the cursor from the search box.

 If you want you can create a shortcut enable Google homepage for yourself, though it isn’t available for the entire web.

 To make search results more readable and visible Google allows accessible view. Accessible view exclusively offers to magnify the search results when we navigate over them that make the results more readable. The shortcuts keys can be used in the accessible view.

 Google has launched the +1 button for the entire web which helps to get the users recommended products, articles, items or anything. You can get others recommendation and also people from your social networks can find yours recommendation.

All these interesting options are Google served to improve one’s search experience. From our side, just a little customization is needed. To get the third customized options logged on to the Google account and take part in the experiment. Make the twists and get better experience in searching with Google.

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Latest Web Search Tips and Tricks

Joshaw : June 29, 2012 10:36 am : Recent

Internet is a treasure of information and people from all around the world frequently use it to find out their desired information. Finding websites containing desired information is not difficult to process, however, some basic skills on web search increases success rate. Here are some few tips which can be considered for web searching to get the best results possible.

Try different search engines: Many internet browsers come with default search engine as Bing, but this is not the best choice out there. Try to use different search engines such as Google and Yahoo and see which one seems best to you. Different search engines come with different search results. So monitor which one easier and comes with your desired results.

Use quotation marks: If you are looking for a specific phrase, then use quotation mark. It’s quite easy. When you do that, you are telling the web search engine to bring only the pages that contain these search terms precisely as you have typed.

Use the inurl syntax: The inurl syntax lets you to do a search for words within the URL. It is just another easy and interesting way to search the websites that you did not find by entering word or phrase.

Filter search results: Perhaps you are looking for news article about latest researches on a specific topic or may be an article of ten years ago. In that case, search-result’s date does matter. You can filter your search results by date as you want.

Use search engine tools: Google and all other search engines let you tailor the search results for your specific needs. For an example: if you are doing a search for scholarly articles, Google scholar can be useful. If you wish the search engine to find the images or items for sale, you can use the images or shopping tools.

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Improve Your Search Experience

Ignatio : September 26, 2011 10:06 am : Recent

Search is simple: just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click the Search button, and Google will search the web for content that’s relevant to your search. If you have Google Instant enabled, results may appear dynamically as you type.

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AskAMEE Web Search Computational Engine Hybrid Helps You Go Green

Ignatio : February 27, 2011 11:08 am : Recent

AskAMEE is part of the AMEE project, but it’s taking the project’s environmental data to a new level of application. Any user can now conduct searches of the environmental database and get calculations on how much any given item, trip, or even food product impacts the environment.

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AskAMEE Web Search Computational Engine Hybrid Helps You Go Green

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US Senators Ask FTC to Launch Formal Anti Trust Investigation into Google

Ignatio : January 27, 2011 11:08 am : Recent

The senators added that a key question for the FTC is whether Google favours its own online properties when serving search results, and suggested that Google’s own executives had admitted as much during the subcommittee hearings.”While we take no position on the ultimate legality of Google’s practices under the anti-trust laws and the FTC Act, we believe these concerns warrant a thorough investigation by the FTC,” they said.

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US Senators Ask FTC to Launch Formal Anti Trust Investigation into Google

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