New look of YouTube, suffers in search experience

YouTube has recently launched the new looks for everyone and its impact is negative and hatred rather than positive. Most of the viewers of YouTube are happy as long as they can watch video for free and care a little about the changes and updates of the site. But there are many who like to delve into video statistics and compare and contrast search results, site officials didn’t think a bit about them. They tried to add more channels and make it cleaner but didn’t improved the ability to sort and filter through search results. Actually, search experience of YouTube’s new look is worse than most of the site out there.

The idea of view counts was useless and worthless. Fortunately, YouTube understood this and gave more importance to on time watched rather than view counts. This statistics is very useful when we want to know about recent favorite. Also, the definition of view has been changed and now if only a significant portion of the video is watched then it’s being counted as viewed. And now the view counts have become a significant statistics which represents video’s reputation and engagement.

The old YouTube offered a sort by option in terms of relevance, view count or date when you searched for any video. View count and relevance has been completely vanished in new YouTube. The entire sort by option is completely gone.

When the previous version offered less friendly scope of sort by option newer one should’ve offered flexibility of two or more but they didn’t improve it. Rather multiple filter options have been added and you won’t be able to sort your search results by relevance or view count.

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