Google: Against All Odds Pioneer in the Web Search

From the starting period, Google has become the pioneer of the web search engines. With the passage of time the scenario has remained same. Still most of the web sites except few largely depend on Google searches traffic. Also, Google has implemented various strategies to hold the top position. Google’s free operating system Android based smart phones have been welcomed by the users and now account for more than two third of smart phones sold worldwide.

Android based smart phones were launched in 2008, a year after Apple’s iPhone. In the starting, it was slow but later on it took off. Android is now Google’s new profit area for search and mobile advertisement. Google’s been smartly using its free Android software and technology to dominate the search and the output is outstanding.

Some experts have mentioned the strategy as unfair advantages of Google in the new mobile services. Recently Federal Trade Commission has called some cell network operators and handset makers on the issue of replacing, removing, inserting and modifying Google Products and Services.

A Boston company Skyhook filled against Google, for interfering with company’s agreements with handset makers. Skyhook was the pioneer in location based services for mobile devices. They used Wi-Fi hotspots and other sensors to pinpoint a user’s location. Skyhook had agreements with Samsung and Motorola Mobility to give them usage on their technology but the search giant stands against it.

Skyhook lost the case to Google but now they’ve customers like Apple, Samsung giant smart phone makers. Google’s technology and strategy somehow been successful to maintain the top position in search engine clubs and with time they’re developing stronger strategy to dominate the arena. The upside is, whatever other competitors like Bing, Yahoo has said it really doesn’t matter, Google provides you the best web search results.