Search Engines and How They Work

With the daily increase use of internet, the internet has been flocked with much information, that to get what one is searching for could sometimes be difficult. Although, every piece of information has specific website to be found, however, to get the exact information one may be difficult. Most people often get frustrated with use of internet, especially when they couldn’t find the exact information they want.

It has now been conceptualized by many people that once you don’t have a particular website you intend, then you cannot get the information you want on the internet. However, could this be a right perspective about the use of the internet?
Initially, at the onset of the internet, it is indeed difficult to get the exact information you want. I could remember then, when we intend to get information about some websites with greeting cards. It was difficult; you start guessing different names of website and searching the dailies for any latest websites.

However, this problem was later solved with the creation of some websites that help to find other websites containing the information we want. These searching websites are called “search engines”. There creation brought relief to many of internet users. You need not surfing the internet with the usual long list of websites. Searching the internet has now become very easy as there are a lot of search engines.

How do these website ‘finders’ work? The concept behind these search engines is simple. These search engines connect with many other websites and pick some keywords from the websites. When you intend to search for information online, you need to get the keywords of the information you need. For example, someone searching for information on the history of the internet, all he needs is to enter the keyword “history of the internet” into a search engine, every website with such keyword will be displayed as results.

However, you may start to wonder, “Of these many websites, which one would be displayed first”? Interestingly, results are displayed on these search engines depending on how optimized the websites are. Websites optimization involves many processes that make a website popular on the internet. This is referred to as Search Engines Optimization, SEO. Therefore, the more optimized a website is, the higher its chance of been among the top displayed websites on search engines.